To the Child Mine Will One Day Marry

Sweet Child,

Whoever you are.

I thought of you today. Today, amidst puzzle pieces, and fruit snacks, and one hundred fifty lego pieces and in between a thousand laughs, 4 dirty diapers, and a nap time that seemed much too short, you came to mind. I don’t know why, but the thought of you came out of nowhere and it stopped me in my tracks. 

And thus, I prayed for you. 

I realize it might seem strange to pray for someone I don’t even know. It begs the question, what did I even have to pray for? I don’t know who you are. I don’t know where you live. I don’t know if you’re older or younger or actually, if you’re even alive yet. However, the lack of seemingly critical knowledge aside, the thought of you remained.  The thought of where you might be in life right now was something I thought on all day.

I wondered if you are surrounded by loving parents or if you are in the foster care system waiting to be found.

I wondered if you were eating cheese sticks and fruit snacks and had a belly filled with plenty or if you’re longing for that next meal that seems nowhere in sight. 

I wondered if you have brothers or sisters or both or if you’re an only child.

I wondered if you have a mom who holds you close or if you have to hide in a closet for fear of abuse.

I wondered if you’re learning your first words or if English will even be your first language. 

I wondered you will be raised to have a healthy self confidence or be full of self doubt.  

I wondered these things, and thus, I prayed for you. 

I know a man who told a story about growing up with an alcoholic father and always wondered what life was like in a different family. He said his growing up years were hard and now as a father of all boys, he’s raising them blind because he’s trying to be the type of father he never had. During his story, he became choked up and said he knows what got him through was when he met his wife and her father told him, “I prayed for you your entire life.”

The prayers of a man he’d never met, whom he didn’t know, had sustained him and carried him. And thus, today, I pray for you. I hope and pray you live in an upper class family, with two loving parents, receive a good education, learn to say “yes ma’am” and “no sir”, and are afforded all the benefits that life has to offer. 

But, I know that’s naive and just not reality. 

Thus, as I sit here straining back tears thinking of where you could be–in a room with a hungry stomach or nursing a wound inflicted by one charged with your protection, my hope and prayer is that God imparts to you the knowledge that you’re loved. That you can feel my prayers for you and that they heal your whatever your wounds and you know I’m holding your heart. 

One day, you’ll meet my child. My son or daughter will bring you home and I’ll learn all about your story. I hope when I meet you, I’ll find that you didn’t need my prayers because life was just that sweet; that life afforded you all that I hope I can offer to mine. But, if you did need those prayers,  I’ll tell you I prayed for you.

I’ll tell you I loved you when you felt unloved;

that I fought on my knees when I couldn’t fight for you in person;

that I held you in my heart, when I couldn’t hold you in my arms.

that you’re important and always have been; and

that you’re kind and good and brave. 

So today, I prayed for you. And I’ll do so tomorrow and hopefully each day thereafter, but most assuredly as often as God brings you to mind. So, until we meet someday…


The Mom of the Child You’ll Marry

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One Response to To the Child Mine Will One Day Marry

  1. Ashley Goodyear April 2, 2018 at 3:40 pm #

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this A! I was fighting back tears reading this! 💗💗💗