Bentonville Rocks

Bentonville Rocks, literally. We all agree our corner of Arkansas rocks in the sense that is a cool place to live and raise kids, but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about real rocks; as in stones, and pebbles.

Bentonville Rocks is a hide-and-seek game using hand-painted rocks and it goes on daily in our town.  It is Geo Art and it combines the things that make our area truly rock: families, art, and the outdoors. With nearly 4k members, Bentonville Rockers are painting and hiding, finding and re-hiding rocks all over Bentonville and beyond.

Getting in on the action is easy. Just start looking!

Rocks are hidden all over. Some of the most popular spots are around the Bentonville Square, Crystal Bridges trails, and city parks. Snap a pic and post your finds to the Bentonville Rocks Facebook page before re-hiding. (Tip: Hide rocks in spots that don’t get mowed. When painting your own, acrylic paint works best.)

Some talented artists paint beautiful scenes and images on their rocks, and then there are rocks painted by me and my children (which look like brown camouflage with specs of blue and yellow splattered about).  Empowering messages of hope and love are popular themes found among the hidden, some even designed with printed tissue paper decoupage. My favorite finds are when the painters use the shape of their rock to bring a creature or object to life. Splatter painted or professional,  the one thing they all have in common, in addition to being made with love, is the Facebook logo and the words Bentonville Rocks on the back. 

img_7622What started out as a small group online has now grown in to a movement in NW Arkansas. Bella Vista, Pea Ridge, Siloam Springs, Fayetteville, Centerton and Rogers are all playing along in this rocking game. 

 Taking to the trails takes on new meaning when hunting for painted rocks with kids. My children feel proud when they find a hidden rock or hide their own.  Plus, it helps us to stop, look around and enjoy the moment. Bentonville Rocks, and now there is a new reason why. 

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