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Summer. It went by in the blink of an eye! As we embark upon a new school year, you’re likely in one of two camps:

  •  dreaming up back to school ideas, or (if you’re like me)
  •  dreading the early mornings.

If you’re in the latter camp, fear not! I am here to share a few back to school ideas, gifts for teachers, those fun 1st day of school pictures, lunch ideas, and tips and tricks for the upcoming school year.

Last year was my first year diving into all things school!  To say it can be a bit overwhelming, is an understatement. Think about this for a moment -if you’re a newbie at this school thing– by the second (or maybe third) day of school you are expected to get in a car line, open the door, let your 5 or 6 year old out and have confidence that they make it to their classroom. You’ve both had ONE DAY in this new role and you’re expected to have mastered it.  You pray over them, but then all day you are left wondering, “did they make it? Are they okay?”  

I am living proof that they’ll make it. I survived, and you will too. 

Now to share all the fun things about preparing yourself or little one for school.  

Before the 1st Day

One fun moment you can capture on video is the announcement of your kindergartner’s teacher. At our school, the Kindergarten kids find out earlier than all the other students who they will have for a teacher and it comes in the mail.  Aside from the obvious–little ones LOVE getting mail (especially when it is addressed to them personally) so capturing the excitement of both personal mail and the unveiling of their first ever school teacher is such a sweet, sweet moment to capture on video!  Trust me, you will love this moment for years to come.    

On the First Day

Let me start off by saying, there are so many Pinterest worthy ideas that you can do for the first day. Some are simple and others are elaborate.  Do what fits you. For me, I try to keep it simple and quick.  I have my boys hold up a sign that states their name, the grade they are entering and a few other facts, such as:

  • My Teacher Is: 
  • When I grow up I want to be,
  • I am ____ years old
  • Today is August ____, 20__
  • My favorite thing is:

I have my kids hold this up on the first day, and then repeat on the last day of school.  It is amazing to see how much they have grown up over the school year.  

Another tip is to use some form of social media.  Create a hashtag you can attach to all the pictures you take, all year long. One example could be your child’s name: #firstnamemiddlenamekindergartenschoolyear than you can easily create a photo book of your child’s school year with little effort.  

Preparing for the First Day

The night before the first day of school is here you’ll have this plan to get your child to bed early. Be patient; it probably won’t happen because you just spent the summer with no strict bed time.  Don’t stress just relax and remember that your child will fall into (or back into) a school routine.  The first week will be crabby kids (and let’s face it–crabby moms).  To ease the transition: 

 -after the kids are in bed get prepared for the morning  by laying out the kids’ clothes, pack school lunches, have water bottles ready, and school bags packed and ready by the door.  Trust me it will help your morning go so much smoother.   

–  for those Kindergarten mom’s– make sure your child can open everything in their lunch box. Consider: can they open that Lunchables you sent to school? The bag of chips? Cheese stick? Cookies? Ziploc bag of fruit, juice or milk?  There will be some help in the lunch room, but your child is in a new environment and probably will not ask for help and the last thing you want is  for your child to get home and you open his/her lunch box and it is full of everything you packed for them. (Please note, panic about starving your child will set in).

 – Consider bento boxes for lunch boxes.  Google it you will be happy you did.  As for being creative with lunches for your kiddos the bento boxes has different compartments that make it quick and easy to create a fun and different lunch each day for your child.  If your child is not completely embarrassed you can put a note from you in the lunch box or even better a few funny jokes to put a smile or get them to laugh in the middle of the day.  That way your kiddo knows you are thinking about them throughout the day.  

Teacher Gifts

A final tip I will share is first day of school gifts for the teacher – I love the idea of gifting a teacher with new books and wrapping them up in fun wrapping paper.  You can give extra school supplies, a jar full of favorite candy for the teacher to get them through the first week of school, cookies or muffins to start the day.   Maybe you get them a door sign or sign with the teacher’s name on it–anything could be a special touch to add to the classroom.  I also think it is great to ask your child teacher for a list of his/her favorite things so you can give special treats all year long.  


If you have a child that is not quite ready to depart mommy and daddy, pin a family picture in their backpack so when they are sad throughout the day they can sneak a peak at you. It will remind them all day that their parents are with them.  I also recommend the book called, “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Pen.  

So, what ideas did I not include? What do you do? Leave me some comments on ideas to get ready for back to school; I can’t wait to read them.  Cheers to a new school year!  



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