How to Avoid the Holi-daze this Holiday Season

The past few years, I feel like I blink and the holiday season is over. It creeps up seemingly out of nowhere and is gone just as quickly. I find myself getting caught up in the holi-daze of the holiday season.

I pretend I am going to cook a turkey, only for a second. Let’s be real, we order it from somewhere. I run amuck, picking out presents with each loved one in mind, with 50,000 of my closest neighbors. I fight for a parking spot at the mall. I rush to throw my tree and décor together as soon as my husband will allow so I can “enjoy” it and my 3 year old loves to “help” (aka opposite of rush). We take family Christmas pictures and I spend hours hand addressing them. I try to invite friends over for a Christmas party that I typically regret up until they show up (cleaning and cooking are such grinches sometimes!).

There is so much time put into decorating, cooking, holiday parties, and shopping that we often forget to focus on what is most important. For me, it’s remembering the reason for the season: the birth of my Savior and spending time with my family and friends. For you, that may be something different.

Whatever it is, this year, let’s focus on being intentional so we don’t succumb to the Holi-daze. After all, who wants to blink and it be gone?

Here is how I recommend overcoming the Holi-daze:

  1. Slow down: If you are like me, this is hard. It is not in my genetic makeup. I thrive off busy-ness (unfortunately) and struggle to relax…ever. Especially if I know something needs to be done (like Christmas shopping or baking or cleaning, etc.). This year, I want to take time to slow down and take it all in. I want to stand in awe as my 3 year old sees the lights on the square. I want to stop and actually see the lights, too – not rush in my car to my next location. I want to not feel stressed or burdened when we take him to see Santa and he screams the entire time. It’s memories, after all.
  2. Don’t get caught up in the swirl: You know, the hustle, the bustle and the chaos that comes with the holidays. I often want everything to be perfect-ish. When multiple people are involved, multiple opinions are involved and it’s bound to be chaotic. It’s only a short period of time, just let it ride…
    Source: Heather Kleber Photography
  3. Start a new tradition: Growing up, we always baked multiple kinds of cookies and candies for our neighbors. It is something that makes it feel like Christmas for me. Whether you already have a tradition or you plan to start one this year, it is so important to take advantage of the family time and make memories that last into your children’s adulthood.
  4. Write it down: Make a list of everything you are grateful for. It can be a big list or a once a day list – whatever works for you. I find this helps me slow down and focus on how blessed I am. It can also help me slow down and not get caught up in the swirl of the holidays

I am sure there are many other ways to avoid the holi-daze but whatever you choose, I hope you are intentional about enjoying the Holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, blog world!

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