Meet the Executive Team

Brittany Ransom, Founder and Co-Owner

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Brittany is the founding owner of Northwest Arkansas Moms Blog and a Bentonville native. (Go Tigers!) She remembers a time when Chili’s was the new place in town, and the Sugar Creek Movie Theater and Sonic were the places to be on a Friday night. 

While completing a Masters Degree in Social Work at Saint Louis University, she met and fell head-over-heels for a handsome and witty law school boy, Casey.  Together, they relocated to Dallas, celebrated a May wedding, adopted a third dog and, soon after, found out they were expecting their first human child.

With the impending birth of their first child, Brittany felt NWA calling her back home. Casey, a boy who had never lived farther than ten miles from a metropolis, agreed. They packed up their rental home at 36 weeks pregnant, traveled to NWA, bought their first home, and put down roots. 

Brittany is a boy mom to two towheads, Morris (August 2014) and Wesley (June 2016). She is a type-B personality living in a type-A household. She is a runner turned yoga teacher. In her free time you can find her pushing her double stroller, shopping local boutiques, frequenting coffee shops with her mom, texting girlfriends, drinking wine, or watching Fixer Upper with her main squeeze.

She believes in a good cup of coffee, a mediocre bottle of red wine, and sweating daily.

She loves to chat, so contact her at [email protected]

Adrienne Woods, Co-Owner

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Adrienne joined NWAMB as a co-owner in January 2017. She applied as a Contributor and in the process of writing fell in love with the mission of NWAMB.

Despite currently living in the 7-2-7-5-8, Adrienne grew up in Northwest Arkansas from the time she was four years old, and but for a slight migration south through Russellville to attend college at Arkansas Tech, she considers Bentonville home.  She recalls when the Taco Bell on Walton was being built, the “it” sit down restaurant was the Dixie Café, and “going to the mall” was a day excursion to Fayetteville.

She met her husband Jonathan, a.k.a, her “J-Dubbs” when they were 14 at piano lessons. He gave her his last name in 2009 and after buying a home, a journey through law school (her), the CPA exam (him), 3 job moves between them (2 of them hers) and another home purchase, they welcomed their long awaited twins, Henry and Amelia in 2016.

Her favorite things are group text messages, cherry coke, and traveling with her husband. She’s an attorney, Bentonville native trying to find her identity as a Rogers homeowner and connoisseur of fine white queso. She says that when you get to know her you’ll find underneath her confident, calm exterior she’s just a little girl who delights in getting incredibly excited with the least amount of provocation.

To chat with Adrienne shoot her an email at [email protected]

Kathleen Benefield, Sponsorship Coordinator

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Kathleen is one of our original contributors at NWAMB. A transplant to the Northwest Arkansas area, Kathleen and her family moved here from Hong Kong. Though their world-wide traveling adventures have slowed down, Kathleen is embracing the craziness and adventure of raising four boys.

 Constantly finding herself saying, “This is why we can’t have nice things” Kathleen attempts  to roll with the chaos of raising four boys.  She holds tight to her southern roots and sanity on a daily basis.

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Kathleen brings a slew of sales experience to NWAMB. She has worked in communications, fundraising and innovation around the globe. While her main job is raising her four young boys, she is our go-to sales girl from NWAMB.

Contact Kathleen at [email protected]

Lisa Moore, Community Outreach

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Lisa is a Northwest Arkansas transplant, having moved here for her undergraduate degree over 10 years ago. She married her husband, Brett, in 2012 and is currently a stay at home mom with a couple of side hustles (all legal, I assure you.) 

Lisa spends her time chasing around a toddler princess (Epley, 2015,) a Chocolate Labrador (Chief, 2014,) and the youngest princess (Cady, 2017,) while carving out time to explore her passion of writing and blogging.

An avid Razorback fan, Lisa loves cooking, playing golf, enjoying a glass of red wine, all the coffee, and naps.  She really likes naps.

Contact lisa at:

[email protected]

Courtney Carter, Social Media Manager

Courtney was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas. She has watched the area explode with growth over the past twenty-six years and has a borderline unhealthy obsession with it-specifically Bentonville. She is married to Trey Carter which is really convenient because Courtney decided she wanted to marry him as a twelve year old. She is mom to an almost-two year old little boy who has ridiculously cute dimples. Courtney taught second grade until she decided to stay home for a few years to raise babies. She is very passionate about education and misses teaching like crazy, but is so thankful for the opportunity to stay home with her son. She loves Jesus, blogging, chocolate-covered strawberries, and anything outdoors. She also loves basically everything else about life except pretzels. She really hates pretzels.