Where did you go Mayberry?

A few days ago I was watching the news.  The news report seemed to be the same disturbing reports that we are all too accustomed to hearing.  It seems that good news has almost become non-existent.  This makes my heart ache for something that I had as a child, but especially, something that my granddaughters will probably never have.  This made me think of how different things are now than when I grew up, and how angry I am that things are SO different.

Yes, it has been said to each new generation –”things are so different in today’s world”. Well, my parents did, then I repeated it to my own daughter as she grew up, and now I am repeating it to her again as she raises her daughters. Without doubt, she will be saying the same passed down generation-to-generation phrase to her girls.

I have two young granddaughters and the more I hear the daily news, the more concerns I have for them and their futures.  How unfair that they will never be granted the freedom of going out to play for countless hours, riding bicycles around their town, or playing with friends and neighborhood children until Moms calls everyone in for supper. Unknowingly they have been robbed of the care free days we enjoyed, but took for granted would always last. 

I remember being out and about all day during the summer day.  Now, we had chores and responsibilities, but still had time to be a kid.  Sure we checked in randomly with someone’s Mom, but that was all that was necessary.  As we all know, the “Mom” network informed all other Moms that we were out and about, as normal.  There were no cell phones but home phones could be reached by dialing four numbers.  Some phones were on a party line, does anyone remember them?!   I imagine party lines surely sped up the “Mom” network!

And speaking of normal day to day, anyone’s Mom was allowed to reprimand any misbehavior.  [And you did not want her to call your Mom.  Then she had to report it to Dad when he came home, and well, we know how that ends!  For me, it would have meant double whatever punishment someone else handed down.]

Sadly, there is something else missing today.  And sadly, it is {my opinion} the loss of respect, which brings me back to the root of the main cause for today’s disturbing news reports…the loss of respect.  Will respect end all bad things?  No, of course not, but respect can teach our children understanding, kindness, and acceptance.  We didn’t always agree with each other but we seemed to find a way to resolve our differences.   I recognize now that was a result of the values we were taught.

I pray that good will find a way back into our world so children can be children again and enjoy worry free days, Mom networks can become the norm again, and we all could say “things are so different in today’s world because things are good again”! Until then, Mamas teach your ‘littles’ to be kind and respectful.  Your efforts and guidance will give the world a kind, caring, and respectful person.

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