Northwest Arkansas Guide to Local, Organic and Specialty Food

Do you like buying local produce? Do you need specialty food due to an allergy? Are you more of an organic shopper? Here is a guide to specialty grocery shopping (and eating) in Northwest Arkansas! If I’m forgetting anything, please feel free to add to this list in the comments!

Farmers Markets – for food AND fun!

Local Stores

  • Ozark Natural Foods – Fayetteville
    • Becoming an “owner” is currently $10/year and gets you EXTRA SAVINGS (like 10% off everything during appreciation weekends as well as other monthly deals on select products)
    • FUN TIP: Follow them on Instagram as they have a giveaway every Wednesday!
    • Great BULK section!
  • Allen’s Food Market – Bella Vista
    • Has a surprisingly large natural foods section!
  • Cook’s Natural Market – Rogers
    • Cook’s is a complete grocery store offering a large selection of natural, allergy friendly, and organic products. We also have a full line of organic produce, fresh meat and seafood, and an impressive bulk selection. However, Cook’s is much more than your typical grocery store. We also have medical supplies ranging from gauze to wheelchairs.
  • Blackboard Grocery & Eatery –Fayetteville
    • Urban market with a selection of goods, including coffee, bakery, grab & go, and grocery on Dickson St. in downtown Fayetteville
  • Bentonville Area Food Co-op
    • Currently a pre-order coop with pickup in Bentonville, Rogers, Centerton and soon in Bella Vista. They are working towards a brick & mortar!
  • War Eagle Mill – Rogers
    • More than just a fun place to go for the craft fair or for a family outing. They have many different kinds of organic flour!
  • Harps (Local Chain) – All throughout NWA
    • Has regular grocery, but also sells organic/local. Included this in the local section since it is employee owned.
  • Bonner Farms Main Street Market – Johnson
    • On Main Street near the train tracks
    • Open May – Early Sept and offers fresh produce
  • Freckled Hen Farmhouse – Fayetteville
    • Yes, they do have a lot of cute, non-food things here, BUT did you know that they also sell eggs and other fun things from their Fayetteville farm? AND they sell farm supplies so you can get your green thumb on? Plus, their Instagram is one to follow.

Chain Stores

  • Natural Grocers – Fayetteville
    • Fun Fact: They have a Nutritional Health Coach that does instore presentations, event speaking and I heard you can even schedule some 1:1 sessions as well
  • Whole Foods – Fayetteville
    • This doesn’t really need an explanation, as I’m sure most know this Amazon owned store. So, not exactly local, but still a great option! Plus, they have a taproom…
  • Fresh Market – Rogers
    • Lots of greens available here!
  • Akins Natural Foods – Rogers
    • Akin’s Natural Foods is one of the longest operated natural foods markets in the nation
    • I hear that produce is 25% off on Thursdays
  • Aldi – Springdale, Rogers, Fayetteville locations (and coming soon to Bentonville)
    • Don’t forget to bring a quarter for your shopping cart (you get it back), but they’ve got some great fresh organic produce.
  • Walmart –Numerous Locations
    • Some of you may hate me for putting this on here, but they are local to NWA and do offer some organic produce and specialty options (like their gluten free section or dairy free options like Lenny & Larry’s cookies), so it would be silly not to include them. (And Full Disclosure: I used to work as a category advisor to Walmart in food)

CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)

*Links are sourced from Ozark Slow Food

Pick Your Own Fruit


I debated including this since there are a TON of great additions being added daily to NWA, and I KNOW people will have so many more amazing places to add.  This list is by all means NOT exhaustive, and yes, it does skew towards Fayetteville (b/c that is where I live). Here are just a few that I enjoy:

  • Farmer’s Table – Fayetteville
    • One word= YUM. Expect a wait during brunch hours though as this is a popular place.
    • Multiple Vegan options too!
  • Stonemill Bread – Fayetteville
    • Buy some bread or stop in for lunch (or both). The Cranberry bread is the
    • No preservatives added. Most of the breads are made without added oils or fats, eggs or dairy. Just ask if you want nutritional or ingredient information!
  • MockingbirdFayetteville
    • Brings together the best local ingredients provided by local farmers across the Ozark region.
    • Highly recommend getting dessert 😊.
  • The HiveBentonville
    • Located in 21C, they use ingredients from regional farmers and producers.
  • Snack Lab – Bentonville
    • Healthy & Convenient Snacks and Grab & Go Meals (includes some Vegan options)
    • They also have meal plans available – haven’t tried this, but it sounds wonderful!
    • A Whole 30 accountability club…that sounds cool!
  • Fresh – Eureka Springs
    • Haven’t been here, but I hear that they focus on seasonal ingredients to create menus that use both local and organic food whenever possible
  • Juice Palm – Fayetteville
    • Organic Juice, Acai Bowls, Smooths and salads.
  • Mamaka Bowls – Fayetteville
    • Acai Smoothies and Bowls
  • Hammontrees– Fayetteville
    • Delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. But, did you know they have a vegan option? And it is really really good, so I had to have them on this list. Also, make sure you get sweet potato fries with avocado ranch.
  • Preacher’s Son – Bentonville
    • The executive chef has celiac, so is very passionate about gluten-friendly cooking
  • MOD Bentonville
    • No substitutes here—dishes presented as the chef intends. They draw on local produce and seasonal ingredients in their Ozark cuisine.

Post in the comments of any other suggestions that you have for us and the other readers. We would love to see them as we know there are more that we just don’t know about yet!

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