Y’all Gonna Make Me Lose My MIND

I am one of the (self proclaimed) best multi-taskers in the world. But as a fairly new mom of three, sometimes I just can’t keep it all straight in my head. These are some of the things that have run through my head in just the past 24 hours… join me if you will.

-Tomorrow is orange day at preschool. (Kudos to me for remembering that alone). My four year old doesn’t have an orange shirt. Do I send him in a striped shirt with orange in it? Or in his brother’s size 7 orange shirt? Will he be scarred for life if I send him in a too big or not orange enough shirt?

-My nails. They look awful. I should paint them now that the kids are in bed. I walk to bathroom and see clothes all over the floor in the closet. Then I start hanging up clothes and forget why I walked in there in the first place.

-Ding. A text comes through on my iWatch and make a mental note to respond next time I see my phone because Siri can’t spell that name right through voice to text. I then forget because it is hours later that I wrangle my phone away from grimy fingers and don’t remember to text back until the next day when running into said friend while walking into bible study.

-OH NO! The 7 year old is itching his head. Immediately I wash his hair and look for lice. It’s just dirt and grass from rolling around in the yard, but now my head is itching. I head to my bathroom to see if we even still have lice shampoo from the Great Lice-Capade of 2017 and in the process find my nail polish. Finally paint nails. Baby promptly wakes up after one hand is painted. They stay like that for a week.

-The new picture I got for the entry way has been sitting on the floor for almost a week. I need to hang it. I proceed to find hammer and nail and hang the picture. Then my kids come out of their room with flash lights looking for a burglar because of all of the banging and now they are too scared to go back to sleep.

-I start unloading the dishwasher. Put in my sink full of dirty dishes. Start the dishwasher. Empty Sink. Take a deep breath, Ahhhh. “Mom, I’m hungry.”

-Laundry. (Enough said).

Being a mom is hard. It requires us to have nine million things running through our heads at any given moment. But these little creatures that we gave life to? They just want us. The laundry, the dishes, the unanswered texts… they can wait. They won’t be little forever. I’ll miss the grimy finger prints on my phone screen one day and I’ll miss thinking about preschool t-shirt day. So today, my mind will keep racing away and I’ll keep loving on my monsters well… but not without a little caffeine and my secret stash of chocolate.


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