Things I Never Thought I’d Have To Say Before Becoming a Boy Mom.

God has blessed me with two little angel boys (and another on the way). They’re sweet and kind and cuddly- and oh wait, they’re wild and rambunctious and I never know what they’re going to climb or get in to or do or SAY. 

Before becoming a mom- specifically a mom of boys- there are certain sentences that I never thought would come out of my mouth, and I know I can’t be alone. And often as I am saying them, I am thinking to myself, how did I get here?

Just in the last few weeks…

“Rhett, DO NOT pee on your brother!”

“Please quit running around naked.” 

“I know you’re a cowboy but you can’t ride on Sadie. The dog is NOT a horse.”

“We do NOT stand in the refrigerator.”

“Please stop licking the dog.”

“No, you cannot pee off of the top of the playset. I don’t care that you’re racing to see who can pee further, I don’t want the little girl neighbors to see your pee-pee’s”. (seriously.)

And probably the sentence that I say MOST often… “Stop hitting/chasing your brother with XYZ (the cow, the nerf gun, the stick horse, your milk cup, the baseball, the rope, the pillows, the toys).”

Sometimes I think I am talking to a drunk frat boy, because I guess drunk frat boys and 3 year olds act a lot alike.

I grew up with a brother so I guess it doesn’t really phase me but I often wonder if my neighbors are listening on the other side of the fence, or if someone had a hidden camera in my house (which we do have Nest cameras in the boys rooms that my husband can access from work, and I’ve often thought how funny it would be if he had turned it on at that specific moment) what they would think of us, as parents, or if they’d think I was down right crazy.

But such is life as a mom of boys, I better go see what they’re getting into now.

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