The Surprise Sweet Spot :: 2 and 4

Mommy, take my picture with Sissy - I love her so much!

My girls are two and four and my family has found itself in the middle of a surprise sweet spot. The “sweet spot” of parenting isn’t supposed to happen until the kids are all over the age of 5, but this is pretty sweet if you ask me. Yes, I am still dealing with tantrums. Yes, I am still waking up in the night (because having a first child who sleeps through the night from 6 weeks on is a guarantee that your second baby will never sleep through the night.) But they play together. They look out for each other. They can communicate needs and eat real food. One is potty trained. This is a magical age.

Big sister saw little in the hall at school and asked for a picture.

Watching my girls become friends has been a huge blessing for me. As an only child myself, I didn’t know the magic. The magic of fighting like cats and dogs and then snuggling to watch a movie a mere five minutes later. Watching big sister helping little sister with her shoes, and seeing little sister comfort big when a toy broke.  Just recently my oldest helped teach her little sister to count to 10.  My husband and I strive to encourage friendship, kindness, respect, and fairness with our girls.  When we see them comforting each other, helping one another, and playing together without fighting, it helps reassure us that just maybe we aren’t doing everything wrong and sending them on the path that ends in ruined relationships and misery.  

Hoping we can keep all fights limited to Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots!

I didn’t think we would all survive until a couple of months ago. Honestly. I thought I would perpetually live in a world where everyone was crying, everyone needed me, and we couldn’t make it through a church service or a workout without being paged. But like all phases, it ended. Slowly and painfully, it drug on for minutes and hours and days and weeks and months that turned into years. But suddenly it was over – like the blink of an eye.  I guess the old adage of “the days are long, but the years are short,” is true after all.

Mamas of littles, don’t fear. As someone who is making her way through the weeds, trust me on this one. There are still minutes and hours and days (sometimes weeks) of tough stuff, but there is a surprisingly wonderful sweet spot before anyone enters kindergarten. I pray you stumble upon it and enjoy it, just like we have.

These hugs slay me every time.

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