She is more precious than rubies



Dear Daughter,

Yes, it is Mother’s Day, a day special for me because of your arrival nearly thirty years ago.  However, it just seems like the perfect day to let you know how much you are loved.  E V E R Y D A Y!

Your Daddy and I are very proud and are in awe of your devotion to your family!

You are steadfast and diligent in instilling love and principled discipline into each day.  You teach independence, yet respect.  You unhappily scold the misbehavior and happily applaud the kindness.  You insist on good manners.  You sprinkle traditional southern ladylike traits into your daily examples and hope they will be displayed by your daughters.  [You will explain why china is reserved for special occasions and the meaning of “bless their heart”!]

You will share your fond childhood memories and describe how you enjoyed time spent with your grandparents.  You will undoubtedly tell them how much they’d have been spoiled by their great grandfathers.

You bend a few rules as you affectionately recall your love of vanilla ice cream cones [and shoes] developed from your great grandfather spoiling you.  You had shoes, plenty, but he remembered when he and his siblings did not and never wanted you to experience that. As soon as a meal began he’d remind you that the two of you would need vanilla ice cream.

You share your joy by rewarding us with Poppy and Gigi time.  We’d move heaven and earth for your girls, but you know that!  We are content to see you teaching the same values you were taught.  We look forward to FaceTime and virtual hugs and kisses.  And, yes, we do think the little things they do are cute and sweet.  Even the ones you don’t, sorry {not really}!

You have acknowledged trading in heels and the corporate world to be a full time Mommy would be the hardest job yet.  You know days may be filled with laughter, love, sickness, tantrums, and time-outs.  Your efforts will be tested, sometimes rejected, but you must carry on.  These times are when you will find your strengths.

You will be each other’s everything, every day.  Your babies know their Daddy loves their Mommy, and them.

You remember the innocence of youth so you stop to soak up giggles and laughter. You know that imagination is necessary.  Dress up, a must.  And, bubbles, sparkles, and princesses.

You are not perfect.  You apologize for being too tired to play or for speaking too harshly.  You answer “why” several times a day. There will be days you need reassurance and call your best friend or you call home, either will do.

You are the keeper of family traditions and will begin so many new ones. At some age you will pass along your love of Gone With The Wind, Giant, and The Nanny [or Mommy’s show as defined by E].  Also, the beach, books, Barbies, Pollys, Legos, then later, Jackie and Audrey.

Each daughter is unique, but also alike.  You will adapt ways to nurture each child.  Additionally, you will encourage them to be good and loyal friends because you know they will need them throughout life.

They will both always {always} love Harley, Chief, and chocolate Labrador puppies. You will make sure. 

I pray you always have enough love and patience.  I pray you find something to be thankful for each day.  I hope you don’t forget yourself along the way. I hope you remember to embrace the joy.  I hope you lean on your Faith.

But mostly, I hope you never [ever] forget you are loved.


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