Five Reasons Having 4 Kids is Pretty Great

I am ten months into having four kids. Four boys to be exact. Most people instantly want to “bless my heart” when they realize my husband and I are raising an above average number of kids. Some days are really tough, and I collapse into bed wondering how I managed to keep them all fed and safe. But I’ve also learned there are some pretty great things about having four kids too. 

  1. The kids always have three other people to play with. My kids range from 11 years-old to ten months, and I love watching how they spend time with each of their siblings doing different activities. There is no need to stress about scheduling play dates either. They are getting all the social skills practice they need right at home.
  2. The buddy system. Having an even number of children means that everyone has a partner to hold hands with as we cross the parking lot. As they get older, everyone has a built in roller-coaster riding partner, or someone to play catch with. 
  3. They are learning independence more quickly. Let’s face it, I just can’t do as much for my kids now that I have four. I remember waiting on my oldest hand and foot. I wanted everything to be perfect for him. I still want everything to be great for them, but they know how to help themselves. Dressing themselves, packing their things, and being responsible for checking their backpacks for homework is helping them to be more responsible. A lesson that will serve them well as they grow up. 
  4. I actually spend less time preparing things. When I had one or two kids I had way more time to stress about the details. I packed and re-packed the diaper bag before we left. Now I know that taking the basics is good enough. Being flexible is key. I know that things might not go according to plan, and that’s okay. 
  5. They have a built in lifetime support system. Who doesn’t want three super-fans cheering you on as you step up to bat at your baseball game? When the baby reaches a new milestone, one of the big kids makes an awesome shot at the basketball goal in the driveway, or someone rides their bike for the first time without training wheels, the volume of the cheers and excitement that erupts is pretty much priceless. Long after my husband and I are gone, our children will have a team of people surrounding them who have experienced with and supported them through all of life’s challenges and victories. 

The list of awesome things about having four kids could go on and on. It’s a crazy life filled with trimming 40 fingernails at a time, washing a minimum of 28 outfits a week, and making sure four sets of teeth are brushed 120 times a month…but it’s a life we wouldn’t trade for anything.

Parents of four kids…what do you love about having four? 

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