My Fathers Day Shout Out

Mother’s Day is a BIG deal!  School-aged children work for weeks on special projects, restaurants are packed full all day long, and department store sales sky rocket as perfume, cosmetics, jewelry and more are stuffed into bags.  All to celebrate MOM.  As a mother, I know how amazing we all are!  Having a day all about us is the LEAST anyone could do!

Now Father’s Day is slightly less exciting.  A tie might be added to Dad’s ever-growing collection.  Maybe a T-shirt with some cute handprints lovingly pressed onto the front for him to (never) wear.  Or the good ‘ole BBQ Gift Set! Here ya go Dad – cook for ME on your special day!!

There are no tear-jerking articles written for Dads.  No heartstring tugging, inspirational posts, cheering on the men in our lives.  “I see you there Dad…” is not a blog that I would find on my social media feed.  So in honor of  Father’s Day this month, I decided to give a shout out  to the MAN who silently stands behind THIS strong woman:


  1.  You are the only person on earth with whom I have been madly in love with AND furious with at the same time. Now if that doesn’t make a girl feel crazy, I don’t know what will!
  2. I can walk around completely naked, with all my bumps and lumps, sags and scars, and you still think I look like I did the day we got married.  Before time and stress and children all claimed pieces of me.
  3. You will still hold my hair back for me if I try and pretend that I can still party like I’m 23, and you NEVER get upset with me.
  4. We joined forces when we decided to become parents, and even though neither of us have any idea what we are doing, we are raising amazing people.  Seeing the young women and man that they are becoming makes all those nights of crying together, wondering where we went wrong, all worth it.
  5. You are my number one supporter – no matter what!  Hair color, job changes, family drama and Pinterest Fails – you’ve always have my back.
  6. In my moments of weakness, when I feel like a failure as a mother, as a wife, or in general LIFE, you have never let me go.  You quietly carry on, taking my load, along with yours, and carry what I cannot, until I am strong again.
  7. You make me laugh.  I am not a particularly light-hearted person, and somehow you make me laugh until I cry.  Your ability to have fun no matter what life throws our way amazes me.
  8. There is a kind of comfort, security, knowing that you know me better than anyone else, and you still choose me.  I will never be alone.
  9. You selflessly trudge through each day, only to come home to needy children and a (sometimes) lonely wife.  You muster up enough of yourself to be present to all of us, and you ask for so little, if anything at all.
  10. At this point in our relationship, it is perfectly acceptable for me to pick my nose, burp, fart, not shower for a few days or go to the bathroom with the door open.  Let’s face it – you watched me give birth – you can handle anything I throw at ya!

So thank you, my amazing husband. Thank you for being an awesome dad! And since you get an entire day all about you that I will most likely make all about me, please know that  you are everything to me!

Now, ladies, go kiss your husband!  Not a peck in passing, or a chaste smooch because the kids need you – go lay one on him!  Let him know how much you love and appreciate him.  That’s all he really wants!

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