A Slower Season

Girls’ nights, weekends away, double dates, shopping, coffee dates, church activities, events, volunteering….that’s what life was like not so long ago.

I am now in a slower season of life, and I’m loving it.

Yes, I also loved the busyness and excitement that I had grown so accustomed to before, but there’s something so sweet about slowing down. As a wife, and mom to two boys under three, there are many things vying for my attention daily, but I’m learning to focus on what’s important at this time in life, and soak it all in. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love staying busy and involved in things…you could say I had major FOMO (I had to google what FOMO was not too long ago), and just really love being with people. Now, with a toddler and a new baby, I have basically been forced into slowing down, and I kind of love it. After having my second, I was almost panicked at the thought of having to be “stuck” at home all the time. This time with my two boys is flying by so quickly, that I realized I was missing the little things in all of my busyness. Before embracing this slower pace, I felt the need to be out and about, going somewhere or doing something nearly every single day….and a lot of times I would be dragging my poor toddler with me. I have started saying “no” to things and learning not to over-commit myself. Now, we spend most of our days at home playing, making messes and just being. When was the last time you did that? Just sat with the ones you love and that’s it…nowhere to be, no rushing around, no demands. So just know that if I don’t text back right away, or if I turn down an invitation, it doesn’t mean that I don’t value your friendship. I know this season won’t last forever, and soon enough we will be back to activities and other things that come with life and growing children, but I hope that I always remember to slow down from time to time; to take in those little moments of the sweetness that comes with the slow. There is so much goodness right here at home, and right now that’s where I need to be.

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