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Think Like a Toddler

Think Like a Toddler

Think like a toddler, and you might just stop the tantrums (or at least a few of them…the others are inevitable). I’m not a patient person. It was always one of those things on my report card in school that I needed to work on. Then, in the working world, it always came up in […]

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Thank You, Teachers

Last night, I set my alarm, giving me enough time to wake up and get everyone together and out the door. I was always taught early is on time, and on time is late. Thank you, teachers, for teaching me the value of time. I sang some nursery rhymes, and the alphabet with our son […]

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We Have Good Kids

A friend and I were recently discussing our teenagers.  Well, okay, we were venting:  mine didn’t get up on time; hers was always missing the school bus.  Mine won’t empty the dishwasher without twelve reminders; hers complained that there was no food in the house when the pantry was so obviously full.  I think any […]

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Just a Few Minutes

“Will you lay with me for a few minutes, Mama?” My daughter’s big hazel eyes implore me, and I resist the urge to sigh. There’s laundry that needs to be folded. I haven’t packed the lunches for tomorrow. After a restless night of sleep and a manic Monday at work, I want to be a […]

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I’m Still Here, Friend

You called me a week ago and I still haven’t called you back. You texted to see if I could grab an early dinner, but my kids had soccer and baseball practice on the same night. When you planned a girls trip, I had a sick baby and had to pass. The gang was headed […]

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The Mom Competition

I hate that being a mom is a competition. There are so many situations in which I’m just trying to keep my little dictators humans alive that it takes all I have. When  I begin to compare myself with other moms, it just gets exhausting. At some point in the past few years, I’ve decided […]

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Why Can’t I Relax?

A few months ago, a little yoga studio opened up in downtown Harrison, just a few minutes drive away from my house. I had been searching for something I could go “do” to recharge–as I’ve struggled with prenatal and postpartum mood disorders for four years–and for the first time in my life as a mother, […]

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