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The Envelope in the Safe

Mom on the Run

It’s nearly the start of running season again. While the temps haven’t fallen just yet, my time spent pounding the pavement has increased dramatically as I ramp up the mileage for that first half marathon. The Hero Half Marathon is almost here, and already I’m having dreams about it. Some good, where I cross the […]

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From The Farm

From The Farm

I’ve lived in Northwest Arkansas for seven years now. But like clockwork, each time I return home from a trip to the Delta (my parent’s farm in southeast Arkansas), my twang returns. My husband hears it in my voice on the first phone call I make to him once I have cell phone signal again. […]

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If You’re Not Enjoying Living in Northwest Arkansas, You’re Not Doing it Right

One month ago my husband, myself, and our three rowdy boys stood in our little yellow house. Besides some dust around the baseboards, it was empty. It was cold. It was nothing like it was just a few weeks earlier–bursting with toys, the sink constantly full of dishes. The garden beds out back were frozen […]

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Hey, Wanna Move to Arkansas?

About three years ago, my husband said to me, “Hey, wanna move to Arkansas?” His nice, stable bank in Ohio had been unexpectedly acquired and we knew that a move was inevitable. My husband had been looking at jobs in Pennsylvania and California. Arkansas sounded far away and much less glamourous.  I tell people that […]

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My Kids Have the Best Ideas for Fun :: Northwest Arkansas Edition

As a full time wife and mom with a full time career, I’ve learned to be super intentional about how I spend my time.  Wherever I am, with family or at the office, my daily goal is to be “all in” the moment.  Take notes during meetings.  Follow-up on actions while it’s on my mind.  […]

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