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Momming as an Introvert

I never knew I was an introvert – or apparently an extroverted introvert (what is really the difference anyway?) I always believed I was just a person who needed a balance of social interaction and alone time. In fact, I used to enjoy many-a social outing and being the center of attention. I liked social gatherings […]

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mims grad

To the Graduates: Big and Small

Two years ago, my family experienced what I will always refer to as “the most emotional school year ever.”  My oldest child was a senior in high school, and my youngest was in kindergarten.  Then there was the middle child who provided adolescent emotions of her own to the mix (stories for another day!).  That […]

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Holding On To The Magic

We are 10 chapters away from the end. Seven books. Four years. Almost every night.  I started reading Harry Potter to my daughter shortly after her sixth birthday and she was immediatly obsessed. Now we are 10 chapters away from the end of book 7 and I am crying as I type this. Why? Because […]

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