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Love For The

Love For The Hunter’s Wife

It always comes around soon after the school year begins. While I am trying to make our house smell like pumpkin spice, one member of our household becomes obsessed with scent-free things. One of our dogs transforms from family pet to a canine with a job to do. Our bank accounts get a little lighter […]

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mirror images featured image

Mirror Images

I was about to start my day, turning sideways in our full-length mirror hanging from the bathroom door, glancing at my appearance and my ever-growing uterus.  Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my daughter do the same thing. In her Peppa Pig nightgown, with her dark curls disheveled, and sleepy eyes, […]

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10 Things that Happened when I Brought my Child to Work

I’m pretty jealous of my kids during the summer months.   It’s nice that the mornings are less hectic, the traffic dies down, and the homework is non-existent, but the grind never stops.  While they’re lathering sunscreen and making new friends, mom and dad are destined to work behind a desk and talk shop on “Meeting […]

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It’s Just A Phase…But I’m Ready For It To Pass.

“It’ll pass”, she comforted me as I confessed the rough stage we’re experiencing at my house. “I know…but when?” Day after day of my sweet 4 year acting anything but and I’m at my wit’s end. If you add pregnancy patience and hormones to the mix, I’m clearly a gem. Fortunately, it’s nothing life altering: […]

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Perspective and Baby Dolls

  As I’m sitting here cleaning out my toddler’s overflowing toys, I look at this box of barely used toys I’m taking to her daycare. To me, it is clutter. Unnecessary. But to daycare, and the children there, they are exciting new toys to play with and love. Perspective. As I thank God for the […]

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Kind and quiet

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

It’s the age old adage we’ve heard since we were learning how to speak and it’s the principle we pass along to our kids today: If you don’t have anything kind to say, don’t say it.  Yet, somewhere I missed the asterisk that disclaimed “except for when it comes to politics.”  Ya’ll. As the author […]

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This Getting Older Thing

The other day, the hubs and I were talking and I so kindly pointed out that in the same year that he would turn 40, we would also have a child entering her teens. While he was still reeling from that conversation, he was also quick to point out that two years later, I would […]

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