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Christmas at Dolly Parton’s Stampede Is Magical, Don’t Miss It

We are so excited to Partner with Dolly Parton’s Stampede to bring you this Holiday Cheer!  Only a two-hour drive from Northwest Arkansas there is a spectacular Christmas show your whole family will love. I just went for the first time with my four sons, ages 10-5. Their eyes twinkled with delight from beginning to […]

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Tips for Buying a House in Northwest Arkansas

We just recently bought a new house in Bentonville. After living in the same house in Pea Ridge for thirteen years, we were not prepared for how intense house shopping would be this time around. The market in Northwest Arkansas moves very quickly and honestly the process was a little discouraging at times. I wanted […]

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The Envelope in the Safe

Mom on the Run

It’s nearly the start of running season again. While the temps haven’t fallen just yet, my time spent pounding the pavement has increased dramatically as I ramp up the mileage for that first half marathon. The Hero Half Marathon is almost here, and already I’m having dreams about it. Some good, where I cross the […]

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Becoming a Special Needs Mom

When you have a baby, you roll the dice. Boy or girl. Tall or short. Brown eyes or blue. Quiet or outgoing. “Normal” or… unique. Sometimes you know right away that your child will lead a special life. Sometimes it’s a slow process of discovery.  But it always comes with surprises. Changes to your life […]

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For My People Without Kids

My husband and I once made the decision not to have children. We didn’t want to mess with the recipe of what was working in our life. We felt good about the decision and the life it would bring us. Until one fateful night in the Emergency Room, we got the surprise of our lifetime. […]

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Happy Egg heritage

Happy Hens, Happy Eggs, Happy Families

We are proud to partner with Happy Egg to bring you healthy recipes!It’s always nice to visit the local farmer’s market and come home with quality items that you feel good about feeding to your family. There’s a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing that a little extra love and care went into […]

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From the Mom of a 21-Year-Old

My son, my first child, will turn 21 this month … 21.  YEARS.  This is how long I’ve been a mother.  It’s funny how memories are.  Sometimes I can remember every tiny detail – an outfit he wore at a particular occasion and the funny things he said.  Sometimes I can’t remember much at all […]

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leaf heart

Heartbreak Overhaul

 What do you do? As a Type A, I tend to go into denial mode, build up a tough exterior, and then clean and organize everything in sight. BUT I have learned through life and counseling that this is not healthy. When I was younger, I thought you could only get your heart broken by […]

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