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For My People Without Kids

My husband and I once made the decision not to have children. We didn’t want to mess with the recipe of what was working in our life. We felt good about the decision and the life it would bring us. Until one fateful night in the Emergency Room, we got the surprise of our lifetime. […]

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Heartbreak Overhaul

 What do you do? As a Type A, I tend to go into denial mode, build up a tough exterior, and then clean and organize everything in sight. BUT I have learned through life and counseling that this is not healthy. When I was younger, I thought you could only get your heart broken by […]

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How To Make Mom Friends

It was a question that came through our comment box on the NWA Moms Blog instagram account a few weeks ago when I was performing our signature "Takeover Tuesday" feature. How do I make mom friends? I paused when I read the question. Friendship, and all its intricacies, sweetness, blessings, and hardships is something I [...]
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Dear Fifteen-Year-Old Me

Dear Fifteen-Year-Old Me, Hi. It’s me. I’m thirty. We’re thirty. Don’t panic. We don’t have Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, but I promise, our life is good. Really, really good. Being twice your age, I have some things I would like to tell you. They will help you through high school, college, and life in general. • […]

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Do You Read?

“Do you read?” one of my old co-workers asked me. Huh? What? Yes, yes I read. Or at least I did before kids. I was at a “reunion” lunch with my old team when that simple question was posed, and it left me wishing I could say yes, but knowing that I hadn’t read in […]

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