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Private Schools in NWA

To a new mom, the question of school may feel like miles away, but alas, time marches on and soon you’ll be asking yourself…what about school for my little one? Here in Northwest Arkansas we are #blessed to have amazing public schools. But what if that’s not the best choice for your family? We’re taking […]

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Remembering Mrs. C

Remembering Mrs. C Final goodbyes were said this week to one of my hometown’s beloved elementary teachers.  I know it was a sad day for her family, but then I think about all the wonderful memories they have of her, and I think about many endearing stories they have heard over the last few days, […]

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V is for Vagina

One day when I was picking my daughter up from daycare, her teacher informed me that my child corrected another teacher, who was pregnant. Apparently, the teacher said “I have a baby in my belly.” My daughter, who has been learning age-appropriate information regarding my pregnancy matter-of-factly stated “No. The baby is not in your […]

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Mirror Images

I was about to start my day, turning sideways in our full-length mirror hanging from the bathroom door, glancing at my appearance and my ever-growing uterus.  Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw my daughter do the same thing. In her Peppa Pig nightgown, with her dark curls disheveled, and sleepy eyes, […]

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