9 Minute Makeup

I want to share a simple, quick, and effortless makeup routine that can have you looking like you slept all night in just nine minutes. 

My favorite way to quickly cover any blemishes or dark spots is a full coverage CC cream that has skin loving ingredients and sunscreen built right in. IT Cosmetics CC cream is my go to and what I recommend to all of my friends! I apply it with a flat top kabuki brush because it is literally the fastest way!

I’m always on the hunt for an under eye concealer that brightens, covers, and doesn’t crease. I have found a few that really get the job done. The trick to under eye concealer is to apply it in a triangle shape, along the sides of your nose, under your eyes, and back towards your hairline stopping right at the outer edge of your eye. This brightens your under eye area as well as your cheeks so that it appears you didn’t have that extra glass of wine the night before. I like to blend it with a damp beauty sponge, but some days my fingers do the trick just fine. it really is up to you.

I like to sweep a powder over my whole face to ensure my CC cream doesn’t slip around. Typically It doesn’t, but I only have 9 minutes for the whole day to make sure my makeup is on, so this is my insurance policy. I love using IT Cosmetics powders, but I also love Physicians Formula BB powder. They both brighten the skin without leaving that cakey look.

Next up, bronzer. I can’t live without a little bronzer on the cheeks and forehead. It brings shape and dimension to the face. I also use it as an eyeshadow so it truly is a multitasking must have. There are so many great bronzers out there its hard for me to suggest just one. Just make sure its not too dark for your skin tone or else you can look dirty and orange. Another great tip is to use a brush that does the work for you. This Becca brush is shaped perfectly for bronzer. ELF makes a great one as well. 

Curl your lashes. Seriously it takes 2.5 seconds and makes a huge difference. I also apply anti redness eye drops before I even start my makeup because I have an infant that doesn’t sleep. Curling your lashes opens your eyes. Then apply a great black mascara.

Pop on some blush to the apples of your cheeks and you are set! Go conquer the world!

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