Dear Daughters…..

For the first few years of my kids’ lives I felt like a bad mother for not wanting to sit down and make gigantic scrapbooks full of my kids’ baby photos. I am not the mom that scrapbooks or collages (or anything crafty for that matter). Not my speed. I wouldn’t consider myself the “Susie home-maker” type. I basically don’t have a crafty bone in my body. It’s much more my speed to pay someone on Etsy to be crafty for me. So I thought about it…… What if I wrote my daughters personal letters about  so we can read them years down the road? Each letter can be spoken from the heart about their childhood, growing up, about the wonderful memories I have of them as babies/toddlers/preschoolers.

Their birth experiences the good, the bad, and the ugly. Okay, this is doable. This is my speed.

 Now each time we make a new memory I put a note in my phone so I don’t forget and can later add it to paper form. My favorite letters to them are the ones that talk about their little personalities and how they have evolved over time. It’s those moments when they say something hilarious and I think, “I wish I could bottle this up forever.” Put it all down on paper so I can enjoy it for forever.

We know as we get “older,” our memories can fail us and we want to remember all the moments–good, bad and beautiful. This is the best way we know how.

 Pictures can only capture a brief moment in time. Personal letters speak volumes. My hope is when they are older, they will appreciate this gesture and maybe even share them with their children one day.

To all you mothers out there who are like me and want to do something different but don’t have a creative or artsy bone in your body, just put your voice down on paper. Capture the memories that speak to your heart so you can one day share it with your children too. I bet our kids will thank you for it. Happy memory making!  

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