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My Child is Obese and It’s Stressing Me Out

  At my daughter’s 5 year well child check-up, she jumped from the 60% percentile in weight to the 97% percentile while staying on the same curve for height.  That’s technically considered “obese”.  I had recently noticed her pot belly, thick thighs, and chest worth of a training bra, but it was “baby fat” and […]

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Baby Drew 5

10 Ways to Experience More Joy in Motherhood

You don’t give yourself enough credit for being a Rock Star Career Mom.  Let’s pause to reflect…. You took a chance on love and brought new life into this world. You teach your family selflessness and how to care for others. You continue to strive in your career and contribute to your financial future. You […]

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10 Things that Happened when I Brought my Child to Work

I’m pretty jealous of my kids during the summer months.   It’s nice that the mornings are less hectic, the traffic dies down, and the homework is non-existent, but the grind never stops.  While they’re lathering sunscreen and making new friends, mom and dad are destined to work behind a desk and talk shop on “Meeting […]

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My Kids Have the Best Ideas for Fun :: Northwest Arkansas Edition

As a full time wife and mom with a full time career, I’ve learned to be super intentional about how I spend my time.  Wherever I am, with family or at the office, my daily goal is to be “all in” the moment.  Take notes during meetings.  Follow-up on actions while it’s on my mind.  […]

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