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Warning: Tantrum Zone Ahead!!

Parenting a 2-year-old child is Ah-mazing! Watching her learn more words, shapes, colors, numbers, letters and sounds is a joy to watch. It is in those moments that you cherish how sweet and innocent your child is. Then imagine a few moments later the record player stops and comes to a screeching halt.  What was […]

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girl and mom

When {other} Kids Behave Badly

Handling your child’s exposure to bad behavior from other children at school is tough. We can’t keep our sweet children in a bubble through life and they won’t be able to avoid seeing bad behavior outside the home. But, when you try to teach them good behaviors and stop them in their tracks with the […]

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can it wait til tomorrow

Can It Wait Until Tomorrow?

One evening, as I was approaching an important deadline I thought in order to accomplish it, and not stay up too late, I would work immediately after family dinner. However, things didn’t work out quite that way. I quickly realized I needed to stop and focus on being present with my family in the moment. If […]

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