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Heartbreak Overhaul

 What do you do? As a Type A, I tend to go into denial mode, build up a tough exterior, and then clean and organize everything in sight. BUT I have learned through life and counseling that this is not healthy. When I was younger, I thought you could only get your heart broken by […]

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I Work Out

I joined a fitness studio shortly after my friends bought it. I wanted to support them, and I also wanted to fit back into my pre-second baby clothes. Let me explain to you how big it is that I actually made this decision. 1. I am not a “let’s go to the gym!” kind of […]

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Dear Fifteen-Year-Old Me

Dear Fifteen-Year-Old Me, Hi. It’s me. I’m thirty. We’re thirty. Don’t panic. We don’t have Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, but I promise, our life is good. Really, really good. Being twice your age, I have some things I would like to tell you. They will help you through high school, college, and life in general. • […]

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Perspective and Baby Dolls

  As I’m sitting here cleaning out my toddler’s overflowing toys, I look at this box of barely used toys I’m taking to her daycare. To me, it is clutter. Unnecessary. But to daycare, and the children there, they are exciting new toys to play with and love. Perspective. As I thank God for the […]

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Making the Best of It: Childcare

What do you do when you can’t get both of your kids into school/Mother’s Day Out on the same day? You make the best of it, that’s what. With a toddler and a baby, mommy needed some time to more easily run errands, go to Doctor’s appointments, and clean the house. You can do pretty […]

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A Love Letter to My Sweaters

Dear Sweaters, Thank you. Your knit yarns of polyester, cotton, and even cashmere (treat yo’self, mamas!) envelop me in the best ways. I love your versatility. Not only do you keep my warm and comfy and cozy, but you can make leggings and a T-shirt look dressy. You can take an outfit from “did I […]

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