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I’m Not a Morning Kind of Mom

My husband makes fun of me for not being a morning person.  Throughout our experience as parents, he left for work earlier than me and getting the kids up and ready for the day was my punishment for something done in a previous life responsibility.  I’ve come to believe that is the reason that I […]

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The Mom Competition

I hate that being a mom is a competition. There are so many situations in which I’m just trying to keep my little dictators humans alive that it takes all I have. When  I begin to compare myself with other moms, it just gets exhausting. At some point in the past few years, I’ve decided […]

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Not Enough

I have a child who has “quirks” as I tend to call them. I don’t often say disabilities because labels suck, but more so, we’ve been through about 8 diagnoses, only a few of which have stuck. Who knows where we’ll be a year from now. I was fortunate because in my job, I work […]

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Confession: I’m A Horrible Patient

A few weeks ago, I had a partial hysterectomy and it was glorious.  I mean, there was pain, and that wasn’t great, but they gave me sleepy drugs and I’ve had the best sleep I’ve had since my last surgery.  And then the pain meds, so I both do not remember much of being in […]

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The End-O my Endo

I have endometriosis and it is no walk in the park, ladies. Short story long, in high school, I was the girl that always had to go to the nurse to get meds (nevermind the ones I kept in my purse so I could double up) when I was on my period and would beg […]

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10 Things I Can’t Believe I’ve Said

Being a parent makes you a little crazy. It is just part of the game we play, and we all have days when we feel a little less sane than others. With my husband getting a new job that has increased his time traveling, I’m solo parenting and losing my mind just a bit.  Here […]

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Our NICU Story

November is always a strange month, full of emotion for me.  It is the month that our twins were born prematurely and had to spend 20 days in the NICU.  Celebrating a joyous occasion, the birth of a child (OR TWO!) can turn into a heart-wrenching, tear-filled, and terrifying time when your babies are born […]

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Thoughts On Being A Mean Mom

I’ve been a “mean mom” since my kids were old enough to tell me so. It hurts my heart a little, but I’m often trying to be a “big picture” kind of mom too, so I deal. When kids are little, you’re mean for things like not letting them lick electrical outlets and sticking their […]

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Mom confession: I Dislike Halloween

I do.  I said it.  Don’t like it.  Happy to do away with it.  I loved it as a kid, and didn’t mind it so much when my kids were little; probably because I could choose their costumes, they didn’t demand to do a million activities and they couldn’t eat all the candy!  Now that […]

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