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Sex Education: More Than a Three Letter Word

When I was growing up, I was not talked to about sex. I was taught about s-e-x. I went through the required school courses in human growth and development. I learned about puberty, hormones, and the stages of fetal development. I learned what bodies do, but not what they feel. I learned about s-e-x as […]

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If You’re Not Enjoying Living in Northwest Arkansas, You’re Not Doing it Right

One month ago my husband, myself, and our three rowdy boys stood in our little yellow house. Besides some dust around the baseboards, it was empty. It was cold. It was nothing like it was just a few weeks earlier–bursting with toys, the sink constantly full of dishes. The garden beds out back were frozen […]

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When Nobody Knows

I want to tell you what it’s like to be a mom with chronic pain, but I don’t know how to do it justice.  When somebody sees you at the grocery store, two kids in the basket and one twirling in the middle of the aisle, they only see your subtle annoyance and furrowed brows. […]

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A Healthier Generation Starts With Us

Thank you to our partners at Produce For Kids for Supporting a healthier generation.Spring is fast approaching here in the Ozarks; there are tiny burgundy buds lacing my maple tree outside, and birds are singing and grasping at foliage for their nests. Spring is a time where we can start to be active, engaged, and […]

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