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I Hope I Did Right

A Letter to My Babies: I Hope I Did Right

If I could write some words and seal them in a time capsule for you, it would be this: I hope I did right. There are too many decisions, too quick, and too important when you call yourself “mom.” And I know I didn’t get them all right–won’t get them all right–but I hope I […]

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Am I a Bad Mom?

Am I a bad mom? I wonder as I pop open the fifth Gogurt of the afternoon to appease teary eyes and get a moment of silence. I push aside the plate of veggies I gave my kids (knowing full well they wouldn’t eat them) and wonder how many daily servings of mac & cheese […]

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Maybe you shouldn't _join my team_ (2)

Maybe You Shouldn’t “Join My Team”: An Honest Mom’s Guide to MLMs

If you’re a mom … or a living, breathing human with a social media account … you probably know someone who has found an amazing, life-changing product that you need to buy, like, now. That’s cool. I always need more buttery soft leggings, epic mascara, essential oils to cure all of my ailments, smudge-proof lipstick, […]

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POOP (2)

POOP: A 3-Year Old Conversation Guide

“Hey, bud. I have an idea. How about a challenge? We can get some ice cream tonight if you can go the whole day without saying the word…” “POOP! Poop poop poopy poop POOP! Poopy poopy mommy poopy POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!” “You’re not doing very good at this, you know.” “Poop.” Three is a big year of […]

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To the mom who is struggling this Christmas.

To the Mom Who Is Struggling This Christmas

The lights are twinkling, the Santas are “ho ho ho”-ing, and Insta-perfect snapshots of Yuletide happiness flood by with each scroll. But there’s something about Christmastime that makes both the joys and disappointments of life resound more loudly than usual, and this year, my heart weighs heavily with the struggles I know lurk behind many of […]

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Danger Drills: A Modern Family Tradition

Danger Drills: A Modern Family Tradition

As I write this, the nation is still reeling from the recent, horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas. By the time you read it, perhaps it will be another tragedy all together that awakens the subject yet again. But in the wake of this most recent act of unspeakable violence and loss of life, I […]

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