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Becoming a Special Needs Mom

When you have a baby, you roll the dice. Boy or girl. Tall or short. Brown eyes or blue. Quiet or outgoing. “Normal” or… unique. Sometimes you know right away that your child will lead a special life. Sometimes it’s a slow process of discovery.  But it always comes with surprises. Changes to your life […]

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Mother's Day reflections

The Mothers Who Came Before

In my backyard there’s a tree. An oak tree. Tall. Vast. Stretching up to the sky higher than I can imagine. Strong as a rock. Yet flexible. Swaying in the breeze. Weathering every storm. On gentle spring days, my children play happily beneath her branches, and I marvel at her. How long has she been […]

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Letting Go

Losing Control: A Motherhood Journey

Here I am again. 3 am. Waddling around the house 38 weeks pregnant. Unable to get comfortable enough to sleep. Too awkwardly round and tired to do anything that feels genuinely productive. Both wishing this baby would hurry up and be born and hoping that she’ll give us as much time as possible before her […]

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7 Reasons Winter Pregnancies are the Worst

7 Reasons Winter Pregnancies Are the Worst

As I celebrate nearing the end of my third pregnancy in five years, I’d like to think that I’ve become somewhat of an expert at enjoying surviving pregnancy. My last two, however, were fall babies, which meant that I spent most of the summers enormously pregnant. People would sigh and coo and say “oh, how […]

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Cheers to the Wine-ers

Cheers to the Wine-ers: A Response

Recently fellow NWA Moms Blog contributor and all-around awesome human Allison Smith shared this post on motherhood that was surprisingly controversial. Like, “grab some popcorn and settle in for the comment threads” controversial. When I first read her post encouraging moms to “stop wine-ing” about motherhood and filling their social media feeds with all the negative […]

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I Hope You're Better

I Hope That You’re Better

My dearest children, You may have noticed this by now, but your parents aren’t perfect. (Me included). It’s a truth I once tried to escape as I envisioned my future family. The way things would be done. Who you would turn out to be. How I would get it “right” where so many others failed.  […]

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Welcome to the Misfit Moms Club.

Are You Barely Making It Too?

I’ve been wondering for a while, so I have to ask… Are you barely making it too? I mean, at least sometimes? (or maybe even all the time) I keep thinking it can’t just be me, but I checked my Instagram feed and everyone else seems, well, downright amazing… “Just a little breakfast of heart-shaped […]

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From our first baby to our last, parenthood has been an adventure--and more to come, I'm sure! Photo credit: Kate Burris Photography |

Never Again: Embracing the Last Baby

Well, we’re expecting. (Yes, again.) But this time is different because, barring any divine/medical miracles or severe lapses in judgement, this will be the last time. **heavenly angel chorus** Because after five years (and a few more clearly ahead) of morning sickness and cluster feeding, midnight teething and potty-training, spit-up stains and car seat wrestling […]

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