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I Wish You Teenagers

When my kids were little, we were so busy learning manners and basic life skills.  They needed continual guidance, correction, and care.  In many ways, despite the constant vigilance I had to keep, those were some of my best days.  Nothing beats observing a child explore the world around them.  I hoped they’d never grow […]

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To the Graduates: Big and Small

Two years ago, my family experienced what I will always refer to as “the most emotional school year ever.”  My oldest child was a senior in high school, and my youngest was in kindergarten.  Then there was the middle child who provided adolescent emotions of her own to the mix (stories for another day!).  That […]

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We Have Good Kids

A friend and I were recently discussing our teenagers.  Well, okay, we were venting:  mine didn’t get up on time; hers was always missing the school bus.  Mine won’t empty the dishwasher without twelve reminders; hers complained that there was no food in the house when the pantry was so obviously full.  I think any […]

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