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In Remembrance: Babies Gone Too Soon

October 14, 2002 was a Monday.  It was the Columbus Day holiday, and my husband had the day off.  I hadn’t been well lately – kind of nauseous, tired, not quite myself.  I had almost gotten car sick just a few days before on a short ride to take our then 4 year-old son and […]

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From the Mom of a 21-Year-Old

My son, my first child, will turn 21 this month … 21.  YEARS.  This is how long I’ve been a mother.  It’s funny how memories are.  Sometimes I can remember every tiny detail – an outfit he wore at a particular occasion and the funny things he said.  Sometimes I can’t remember much at all […]

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The Gift of T.I.M.E

Have you heard about the 5 love languages?   They are based on a book by Gary Chapman, a counselor, who narrowed down expressing and receiving love to 5 areas:  acts of service, words of affirmation, receiving gifts, physical touch, and quality time.  In theory, everyone tends to have a primary and a secondary love language […]

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18 Summers

“You only get 18 summers with your kids.”  The thought isn’t original to me.  I have heard that phrase all of my mothering life.  And as a young mother, we made the most of those summers:  little pools set up in the yard, time at the park, trips to see grandparents, family vacation, copious amounts […]

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From A Middle-Aged Mom:

Hi Moms of Little Ones!  You’ve heard it all from us “older moms”, haven’t you?  “Enjoy them while they are little … it goes by fast!” and all the advice we can dole out – whether or not you asked!  Oh, and how about our rants about “back when my kids were little …” and […]

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Fitting In: The New Kid Struggle

A few years ago, my young teen daughter was struggling with “fitting in.”  We had moved to Arkansas when she was just entering 8th grade, and it took us all a while to find our place here.  It isn’t that people weren’t friendly, by any means; it was just that we were coming out of […]

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Baby Daze

Moms of Littles, when you say, “parenting is hard,” I hear you.  And I agree.  Long nights, protecting your babies from danger and germs, worrying if you are doing the right things, trying your best to raise a good little human.  There are doubts sometimes or just moments of frustration when nothing is working.  Watching […]

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The Before and After of Motherhood

If you are on Facebook, perhaps you’ve seen or participated in the “How Hard Did Age Hit You” challenge.  If you have no idea what that means, let me tell you what you have (perhaps blissfully) missed:  you post your first profile picture and a recent profile picture and look at the changes the years […]

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Moms on the Fringe

One definition of “being on the fringe” refers to those who prefer to be around the periphery; they are not part of the mainstream.  Fringe can be the bangs that surround a face, or a lampshade might have a fringe around it.  Of course, the musical Oklahoma offered us a song about The Surrey with the […]

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Celebrating the December Babies

As I came to say good-night to my 8-year-old one evening this past summer, I noticed she had been crying.  Of course, I sat down by her bedside and hugged her tight to me.  As I wiped her tears, I asked, “What’s the matter, Baby?”    She sighed deeply, shuttering a little like a child […]

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