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I’m not sure who needs to see this…but your first Mother’s Day may suck.

In a couple weeks your social media will be filled with tributes to moms.  Pink. Flowers. Hearts. Fuzzy-focused shots of mothers holding peacefully sleeping infants. Maybe this will fill your heart with joy, but maybe it will make you want to cry. My first Mother’s Day, quite frankly, was terrible. My first daughter was born […]

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You teach people how to treat you (and that goes for your kids too!)

Alright ladies, it’s time for a chat. And I’m going to tell you right out of the gate that if you’re into attachment parenting or if you’re the mom who wrote the thing on Instagram about “Of all the versions of myself I love the most, this hot-mess-so-in-love-with-my-kids-I-can-barely-stand-it version is the one I like the […]

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Hey, Wanna Move to Arkansas?

About three years ago, my husband said to me, “Hey, wanna move to Arkansas?” His nice, stable bank in Ohio had been unexpectedly acquired and we knew that a move was inevitable. My husband had been looking at jobs in Pennsylvania and California. Arkansas sounded far away and much less glamourous.  I tell people that […]

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Holding On To The Magic

We are 10 chapters away from the end. Seven books. Four years. Almost every night.  I started reading Harry Potter to my daughter shortly after her sixth birthday and she was immediatly obsessed. Now we are 10 chapters away from the end of book 7 and I am crying as I type this. Why? Because […]

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I’ll Do My Best to Listen

When my daughter was seven one of my social media posts read: “A first grader trying to tell jokes is the worst thing ever! An example: ‘What’s green and rhymes with three? Your knee.’” I saw that post the other day just as the same daughter, now a forth grader, found me and launched into […]

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