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Holding On To The Magic

We are 10 chapters away from the end. Seven books. Four years. Almost every night.  I started reading Harry Potter to my daughter shortly after her sixth birthday and she was immediatly obsessed. Now we are 10 chapters away from the end of book 7 and I am crying as I type this. Why? Because […]

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Lunch Box Ideas for Real Moms

I have a Pinterest board devoted to school lunches… Kabobs made from pineapple cut into tiny stars, alternated with strawberries that somehow look like hearts. Bento boxes filled with grains and veggies and artfully arranged cheese wedges. Mini tea sandwiches, veggies and homemade dip… There are few problems with this board. First, no one has […]

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Saying “No” With Grace

I recently joked with a friend that you can tell how much I like you by how quickly I start telling you “no.” I am a people-pleaser and I do not enjoy confrontation of any sort. I also like being busy. For this reason, I used to say “yes” to everything. “Can you join our […]

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The One “Stop” Rule

I recently invented a new rule. I make up rules a lot. I’m very good at it. Sometimes people follow my rules and sometimes they don’t. But this one’s a good one and I’m doing a thorough job of enforcing it. It’s called the One “Stop” Rule and it is very simple: If some asks […]

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I Choose Joy.

Have you ever met someone who oozes positivity? Not the over-bubbly, Pollyanna-type…those people are obnoxious, but just someone who quietly finds happiness in almost every situation?  I find myself drawn to people like this. I seek them out. Their positive attitudes are calming and contagious. I am probably attracted to these people because positivity is […]

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