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Saying “No” With Grace

I recently joked with a friend that you can tell how much I like you by how quickly I start telling you “no.” I am a people-pleaser and I do not enjoy confrontation of any sort. I also like being busy. For this reason, I used to say “yes” to everything. “Can you join our […]

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The One “Stop” Rule

I recently invented a new rule. I make up rules a lot. I’m very good at it. Sometimes people follow my rules and sometimes they don’t. But this one’s a good one and I’m doing a thorough job of enforcing it. It’s called the One “Stop” Rule and it is very simple: If some asks […]

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I Choose Joy.

Have you ever met someone who oozes positivity? Not the over-bubbly, Pollyanna-type…those people are obnoxious, but just someone who quietly finds happiness in almost every situation?  I find myself drawn to people like this. I seek them out. Their positive attitudes are calming and contagious. I am probably attracted to these people because positivity is […]

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The Power of a Whisper

I am a loud person. I am also a teacher and I’m very good at projecting so that students can hear me.  The other day I was teaching a lesson on the lyrics of a song that gets students pretty engaged and excited. However, engaged and excited also means loud. I found myself trying to […]

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Us Too.

We’ve all seen them come across our feeds. The “me too” posts that grab our attention and our hearts, but are quickly forgotten amid the busyness of our lives. After a few days of seeing these posts I started to think about my own experiences with inappropriate comments, behavior, or worse. At first I said […]

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“Quit folding my laundry” and Other Signs of Depression

Postpartum depression. Doctors warn you of it, people pay lip service to it, but for the most part we–especially those who have suffered–don’t talk about our own experiences with it. While depression is not a “taboo” topic, it’s not warm and fuzzy either. Talking about your cute new baby is much more fun. Depression can […]

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