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The Mom in the Mirror

I was standing in front of my floor length mirror in my closet preparing for a job interview. I was frowning at the roll that, despite working out 5 days a week, refuses to stop poking over the top of my dress pants. Diet, I thought. I haven’t been focusing nearly enough on my diet. […]

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The Sun Will Shine Again

My heart has been so heavy lately. Over the last few months I have watched those close to me go through the most trying of times. My husband lost a dear friend to illness. A week later a sweet family we grew to know this year lost their precious four-year-old daughter to a rare brain […]

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Maybe Kate and I Aren’t So Different

By now we’ve all seen the picture online. The Duchess of Cambridge leaving the hospital shortly after delivery and once again looking picture perfect. You probably had an opinion ranging somewhere between ‘Dang she looks good’ and ‘I hate her.’  Maybe you saw Kate standing there and thought she wasn’t being real. Maybe you even […]

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The Day She Didn't Mom

The Day She Didn’t Mom

The alarm clock blasted a screeching wake-up call. Normally, she hurried out of bed to get an early start on the day’s responsibilities. Not today. Today she simply pulled the covers over her head and hid from the world.  For a while she’d been feeling like it was all just too much. The rushing from […]

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I’m Still Here, Friend

You called me a week ago and I still haven’t called you back. You texted to see if I could grab an early dinner, but my kids had soccer and baseball practice on the same night. When you planned a girls trip, I had a sick baby and had to pass. The gang was headed […]

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In Defense of the No-Homework Policy

My friend and fellow NWAMB contributor recently wrote a great article about the no-homework policy many elementary schools have adopted. She is a high school teacher who sees how years of no homework throughout elementary school adversely effects her students. She mentions the lack of “grit” that she sees in her students, and feels that […]

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Sometimes I Let My Child Fall

“Get down from there!”  “Stop Running!” “Look both ways before you cross the parking lot.” These are phrases I say on a daily basis with hopes of keeping my kids safe. My number one priority is to protect them physically and emotionally. I try my best to shield them from pain at all cost. As […]

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I’ll Always Want Another Baby

I will be 35 in a few months. 35. The age I said I would be done having kids. Except I don’t know if I am.  We’ve battled infertility, pregnancy loss, and high-risk pregnancies to build our little family. We have three amazing boys that we couldn’t love more. Our family doesn’t feel incomplete. I […]

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I Was Distracted for a Second and My Kid Got Hurt

Does anyone else ever feel like they are living at a pace that they just cannot maintain? Sometimes I feel like I chase my tail from morning until night. I collapse into bed feeling like “where did today go?”  I’ve become more and more aware of this rapid pace that I have somehow allowed to […]

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