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It’s Just A Phase…But I’m Ready For It To Pass.

“It’ll pass”, she comforted me as I confessed the rough stage we’re experiencing at my house. “I know…but when?” Day after day of my sweet 4 year acting anything but and I’m at my wit’s end. If you add pregnancy patience and hormones to the mix, I’m clearly a gem. Fortunately, it’s nothing life altering: […]

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Don’t You Worry, I Get It

When you become a mom, you instantly join a secret club that bonds you with people you’d never expect. Why? Because we’re all trying to figure out this parenting thing. You’ve probably never been as scared as you have been since you became a parent. Sickness, falls, refusing to eat, fear of SIDS, every single […]

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We’re In The Thick Of It, Mama

We’re in the thick of, my friend. Together. You & me. We’re there. In the between the really really hard and the really really great. In the middle of tears and chaos. The middle of big hugs & little kisses. The middle of sleepless nights & midnight feedings. The arguments, the punishments, the laughter, the […]

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I Want to Pee in Peace!

Something I took for granted pre-kid was my ability to go to the restroom in silence. You know, like a normal person. “Mom…” “Mama….Mom….Mommy” “What are you doing?!” Fingers appear quickly underneath the door. Bang, bang, bang. Abrupt knocking on the door. Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom. If the door was unlocked, it’d be opened […]

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Moms Matter Too

Being a mom is hard. We wipe noses and booties, cook dinners and grocery shop, deal with screaming and demanding kids. We clean up messes that reappear in .4 seconds. We wash dishes and toilets and clothes (hopefully not in the order). I literally feel like I run 3 marathons Honestly, we spend so […]

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If You’re Sick, STAY HOME!

I don’t consider myself a germaphobe. I believe the right amount of germs helps build a strong immune system (blah, blah, blah). I also believe I have a job to go to and who wants a sick kid or sick husband? I am out on that. With the flu going around like crazy, I find […]

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EOS kisses


Tis the season for décor and parties, time spent with family and friends, shopping, baking, and wrapping. There will carols and joy and plenty of toys. Time is spent with good intent and no one ever feels overwhelmed. In fact, if there isn’t enough joy in the season, I’d like to introduce you to our […]

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