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Destigmatizing Postpartum Depression

I’ve carefully considered writing about this again. You see, last time, I was able to wrap it up in a nice package with a pretty bow. I had survived. I had made it to the other side. This time, I am in the middle of the struggle. During and right after my pregnancy, I was […]

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Raising a Kind Girl in a Mean Girl World

As soon as I cut through the gender reveal cake, a million emotions flooded my body. I’m pregnant, so that is not uncommon, but the contradiction in emotions is what surprised me. We’re having a girl! Excitement, happiness, fear, inadequacy, responsibility. For some reason, I was plagued with the immediate fear of raising a girl […]

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Let Me Tell You About Pregnancy

Oh Pregnancy. It’s been about five years since my last pregnancy and the saying “it’s like childbirth” has never been more true. I forgot EVERYTHING. Pregnancy is a miracle. It’s one of the most amazing things I have had the opportunity to do. I love being a mom and am so excited about baby #2. […]

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It’s Just A Phase…But I’m Ready For It To Pass.

“It’ll pass”, she comforted me as I confessed the rough stage we’re experiencing at my house. “I know…but when?” Day after day of my sweet 4 year acting anything but and I’m at my wit’s end. If you add pregnancy patience and hormones to the mix, I’m clearly a gem. Fortunately, it’s nothing life altering: […]

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