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The Tampon Code

It happened just as it always does. Recently, I was on a trip and the group I was with needed to make a pit-stop for a bathroom break. We all veered, our suede booties clicking the pavement and Louis Vuitton/Madewell/Target purses in tow, into the closest public restroom. Upon entry, there was a woman standing […]

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Featured image to the child mine will one day marry

To the Child Mine Will One Day Marry

Sweet Child, Whoever you are. I thought of you today. Today, amidst puzzle pieces, and fruit snacks, and one hundred fifty lego pieces and in between a thousand laughs, 4 dirty diapers, and a nap time that seemed much too short, you came to mind. I don’t know why, but the thought of you came […]

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Contributor Love {EVENT RECAP}

Contributors. They are the heart and soul of the NWAMB. We don't exist without these women. They're each of us. They're entrepreneurs, business executives working for Fortune 500 companies, they're corralers of the tiny, toddler armies; they were ubers before Uber was cool; they're members of community organizations; they're involved in their kids schools, church [...]
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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality: The Spark Notes Version

If you’re sitting here reading this article, you’ve no doubt heard the words ‘net neutrality’ at some point over the last few months. If you haven’t…..I don’t know why you’d be reading this article. Even though net neutrality may/will have vast impacts, I can’t say it’s a riveting topic of discussion. Nonetheless, I’ll do my best […]

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To you who sits in the nicu featured slide

To You Who Sits in the NICU…

Dear NICU Mom, How do I even start a letter like this? When I first joined this world, I have distinct memories of sitting in the blue, leather recliner in our NICU’s “outer core” anxiously googling for blog posts or articles written by other women who had been where I now sat.  Women who could […]

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MNO event graphic free ride

MNO: FreeRide Studio {EVENT RECAP}

The Venue It's not possible to accurately capture the amazing mom's night out held at FreeRide Studio. We cycled, we barre'd, and we consumed massive quantities of pie (and water, lots and lots of water). We hesitate to call it our best mom's night out--only because they've all been amazing and thus incomparible in their [...]
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