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Saying “No” With Grace

I recently joked with a friend that you can tell how much I like you by how quickly I start telling you “no.” I am a people-pleaser and I do not enjoy confrontation of any sort. I also like being busy. For this reason, I used to say “yes” to everything. “Can you join our […]

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What My Third Pregnancy Has Taught Me About Self-Care

I got pregnant with my first child four years ago, in the midst of summer. The hot, Ozark smog made the nausea so much worse. For the next nine months, I went through the radical changes of pregnancy and motherhood. I surrounded myself with pillows. I rested for hours on the couch between my chores […]

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Dear Friend, Brighter Days Are Ahead

  Dear Friend, I see you. I see you helping your daughter with her backpack that keeps falling off. I see you struggling to work through the voices in your head telling you you’re not good enough, not doing enough, and will never be enough. I see you putting one foot in front of the […]

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Lockdown Drills

Heartbroken. My little sweetpea told me very excitedly today: “MOM! Guess what! Tomorrow we’re going to have a Lockdown Drill at school!” Her innocent little heart knows that a lockdown drill is “in case of intruders” in her school, but fortunately, she has no idea of the type of devastating horror that said intruders are [...]
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Tell Me You Love Me

I can’t get enough of Demi Lovato’s song, “Tell Me You Love Me”. In an age where music is available at the swipe of a finger on our phones, I could count on one hand how many times I’ve gone to the store to buy a CD. The first time I heard this song was […]

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Sometimes I Let My Child Fall

“Get down from there!”  “Stop Running!” “Look both ways before you cross the parking lot.” These are phrases I say on a daily basis with hopes of keeping my kids safe. My number one priority is to protect them physically and emotionally. I try my best to shield them from pain at all cost. As […]

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