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The Sex Talk

I recently read an article from one of the our Sister Sites about being raised in the Purity Culture and the reasons why the blogger wouldn’t raise her child the same way. I thought it was a great article because a lot of things rang true about the “True Love Waits” movement that we were inundated […]

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A Healthier Generation Starts With Us

Thank you to our partners at Produce For Kids for Supporting a healthier generation.Spring is fast approaching here in the Ozarks; there are tiny burgundy buds lacing my maple tree outside, and birds are singing and grasping at foliage for their nests. Spring is a time where we can start to be active, engaged, and […]

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I’m Still Here, Friend

You called me a week ago and I still haven’t called you back. You texted to see if I could grab an early dinner, but my kids had soccer and baseball practice on the same night. When you planned a girls trip, I had a sick baby and had to pass. The gang was headed […]

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Am I a Bad Mom?

Am I a bad mom? I wonder as I pop open the fifth Gogurt of the afternoon to appease teary eyes and get a moment of silence. I push aside the plate of veggies I gave my kids (knowing full well they wouldn’t eat them) and wonder how many daily servings of mac & cheese […]

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Life As a Writer

  I walked down the hallway towards Elinor’s classroom and ran right into my friend. “Shoot!” I said out loud. I forgot her box of Girl Scout cookies. I had counted out the boxes and put them in my car (or so I thought) before I left my house for school pickup. “You’ll be here […]

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Why I Want to Run for Office.

I am running for office. I can’t believe I just typed those words. This isn’t a post to promote myself. I won’t mention what office or county or city. Instead, I want to talk about the most important reason I am running for office. My daughters. When I became pregnant with my first baby, I […]

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First Birthday Lesson (For Mommy)

My son turned one year old this past January. I began planning his birthday party in October. I decided on a theme (nautical), created a guest list, and set about to find a unique, fun and affordable venue for said party. I asked friends what they’d done for their own child’s first birthday celebration. Some […]

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