This Beautiful Mess

Lives are busy.  Every mom knows just how overwhelming things can get.  While thinking of all of the things I had to do: (which kid needed goldfish and which needed juice boxes for a class donation thing?  I know one of them has a day this week that they should look nice but was that […]

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I can't sleep

Will I Ever Sleep Again?

While pregnant people were often telling me to “get your sleep now”  which I do NOT  understand. It is not like a savings account where you build up extra sleep to use later…(that does sound amazing though). When people said “you will never sleep again” the idea actually made me insanely nervous. How would I […]

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The Beauty of Boredom: 5 Skills Boredom Teaches Kids

As the summer wanes on and whines of boredom waft through houses everywhere, you may find yourself feeling more like an overwhelmed cruise director than a vacationing summertime “cool” mom. Excitement for limitless summer adventures eventually gives way to the summer slump of “what should we do now?” and “how did we forget summer is […]

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