Passionate About Northwest Arkansas
and the Moms Who Live Here

What Your Kids Really Want This Holiday Season

If you’re like me, when mid-November rolls around you start looking at the calendar and mentally preparing for all the holiday “things” that are coming up in December.  Before the Thanksgiving turkey is even cleared from the table, you’ve committed to family Christmas card pictures, holiday work parties, school Christmas performances, and church events–all of […]

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Hygge for Your Home

The days are becoming shorter and the nights becoming longer, thus for many of us, myself included, we’ll start to go a little stir crazy with the lack of sunshine and the increased amount of time spent indoors due to colder temperatures. Knowing this, how can we avoid the cold-weather, lack-of-sun crazies these next few […]

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Bentonville Bicycle Playground

There is a new playground in town and it’s worth doing wheelies over.  The Bentonville Bicycle park (located north of  the ‘Dog Bark’ on Walton heading toward Bella Vista) is full of tike-size trails and jumps.  It is perfect for little ones looking to get in on the biking action in Bentonville.   Made just for kids, […]

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Giving, Not Just Getting

It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement and fun that comes with getting gifts at Christmas, especially as a young child. Can you blame them? It is so much fun to open gifts and play with new things. The wish lists to Santa, Mom and Dad, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are […]

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Never Say Never

I remember the summer of 2005 like it was yesterday. I was 18 years old, and moving 335 miles from everything I ever knew. We packed up my dad’s Tahoe and headed east to St. Louis. I, like most college-bound freshmen, told myself I was never coming back. I had no idea how life can completely change what’s important.  I had […]

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Me and Skye inside Thorn Crown at Sunset

Eureka Springs, NWAs hidden treasure

Onward Ho! Eureka Springs! I’ve “done” Eureka Springs many times. And it never disappoints. But something about going there with someone who’s never been is really special. I recently had the privilege of hosting a handful of some of my favorite people for a few days, all from out of town. The Friday after Thanksgiving I made […]

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Hot Mess Homemaker

Let’s just be honest for a moment. I’m not a great homemaker. I’m not the kind with the chore charts and gold stars, the kind who has the schedule outlined perfectly on a wall sized calendar, the kind who has each meal planned for the week on Sunday, the kind who exercises before the kids wake […]

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Dealing with Motion Sick Kids

If you’re lucky like me (insert sarcastic font), you have a child whose stomach does not appreciate being in moving vehicles for long periods of time, and reminds you of this frequently by upheaving the contents of said stomach all over your poor child’s lap. Or your lap. Or both. After dealing with my own […]

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