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Terrible Two’s and Threenager Stage – The Fun Stops Here

Holy batman people…WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH MY CHILDREN?? I’ve officially entered the twilight zone that is the terrible two’s and the threenager stage. AT THE SAME TIME.  If you are unfamiliar with either of these stages, and perhaps aren’t blessed with getting to know them BOTH at the same time, it’s like a never-ending battle with […]

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Read to your kids. It’s just that simple.

Read to your kids. It may be the #1  most important parenting tool. I recently read a great article by Ruth Bader Ginsberg about raising trail-blazing daughters. You may have seen this post summarizing Ginsberg’s article floating around Facebook. Here is her original article as well. Ginsberg mentions “fostering a love of reading” in girls before anything else. While […]

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Raising Boys: Pros and Cons

My parents raised five girls.  My older sister had three girls.  So when my husband and I heard the words “outdoor plumbing” at our 20-week ultrasound, we were over the moon.  We had prayed so hard to have a little boy, and our prayers had been answered.  I remember reaching over to hold my husband’s […]

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