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Mom, Am I Fat?

One of my fellow bloggers wrote a post about “Listening Ears” and referenced her 3 year old and how he soaks in everything they say and do (and don’t say and don’t do…). What a great post it was, because it reminded me that it continues, FOREVER. Once they hit school age (or even before […]

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When I Don’t Want To Be A Mom

I have moments when I don’t wan to be a mom. Let’s just take a moment to be real here. – When my (then) perfect 2 year old had the biggest, out of nowhere tantrum, threw open the hall closet and threw everything, including lotions and medicines down the hallway, causing them to break open and […]

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And The Thunder Rolls

We’ve been having a slew of storms here and this momma has been dealing with a minimum of one, up to 3 kids (plus the dog, every night) joining me and the hubs in our bed and/or being relegated to camping on the floor near our bed. So, in honor of this fun little adventure […]

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When Life Gives You…Lice

I have gotten the call at least 5 times now. FIVE. TIMES. “Um, Lindsay? We need you to come pick up (insert name of one of three children) here. (Child) has nits/lice.” The first time, I was naive. I googled a bit, went to the store and bought some RID and was prepared to be […]

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