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Surviving, not thriving

About two years ago, I was on my lunch break at work, driving down a fairly busy road to grab some fast food when a tiny toddler shoe came flying out of the car ahead of me and hit the hood of my Super Sexy Soccer Mom Minivan (TM pending). I just stared for a […]

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In Defense of the Kiddie Leash

Once upon a time we were all women who probably thought we’d raise children better than the mom in front of us line with the screaming toddler who NEEEEEEDED that candy bar and if she didn’t get that candy bar RIGHT NOW she was going to fall on the floor or maybe kick a stranger […]

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This Beautiful Mess

Lives are busy.  Every mom knows just how overwhelming things can get.  While thinking of all of the things I had to do: (which kid needed goldfish and which needed juice boxes for a class donation thing?  I know one of them has a day this week that they should look nice but was that […]

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Hi, I’m Awkward. Will You Be My Friend?

Let’s just put this out there. I’m socially awkward. I recognize it, I hate it, I make every effort to curb the crazy, but when I see a new group of potential friends, it is like something in my body just tells my brain to shut off and instead, I become a fool. Let’s look […]

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Mom, Am I Fat?

One of my fellow bloggers wrote a post about “Listening Ears” and referenced her 3 year old and how he soaks in everything they say and do (and don’t say and don’t do…). What a great post it was, because it reminded me that it continues, FOREVER. Once they hit school age (or even before […]

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When I Don’t Want To Be A Mom

I have moments when I don’t wan to be a mom. Let’s just take a moment to be real here. – When my (then) perfect 2 year old had the biggest, out of nowhere tantrum, threw open the hall closet and threw everything, including lotions and medicines down the hallway, causing them to break open and […]

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And The Thunder Rolls

We’ve been having a slew of storms here and this momma has been dealing with a minimum of one, up to 3 kids (plus the dog, every night) joining me and the hubs in our bed and/or being relegated to camping on the floor near our bed. So, in honor of this fun little adventure […]

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When Life Gives You…Lice

I have gotten the call at least 5 times now. FIVE. TIMES. “Um, Lindsay? We need you to come pick up (insert name of one of three children) here. (Child) has nits/lice.” The first time, I was naive. I googled a bit, went to the store and bought some RID and was prepared to be […]

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