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What Is That Smell?

What’s that smell? No, seriously where is it coming from?  Potty training is not my forte. But, somehow I got there, four boys done and dusted, twins and all.  But I digress, this post is less about potty training and more about that smell.   Boy moms, you know what I am talking about. The smell in the […]

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Why Getting Away Is So Good (for me)

My recent weekend away with girlfriends was a much needed break from the mundane mommy life I lead these days. It was a time to enjoy adult conversation and drinks and also uninterrupted meals, laughter, inappropriate stories, old memories and pure girl talk. It was 3 glorious days in the city without the title of mom and wife. Instead […]

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Bentonville Bicycle Playground

There is a new playground in town and it’s worth doing wheelies over.  The Bentonville Bicycle park (located north of  the ‘Dog Bark’ on Walton heading toward Bella Vista) is full of tike-size trails and jumps.  It is perfect for little ones looking to get in on the biking action in Bentonville.   Made just for kids, […]

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Bentonville Rocks

Bentonville Rocks, literally. We all agree our corner of Arkansas rocks in the sense that is a cool place to live and raise kids, but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about real rocks; as in stones, and pebbles. Bentonville Rocks is a hide-and-seek game using hand-painted rocks and it goes on daily in our town.  It […]

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