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Confessions of a Second Time Mom: Part II

I don’t want to brag, but I’ve been a mom of two for almost 9 months now, and I won’t say that I’ve “mastered it,” but I’ve definitely learned a thing or two since back when I was spilling my confessions as a mom-of-two newb Totally kidding about the “mastering it” part. My toddler ate […]

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The Beauty of Boredom: 5 Skills Boredom Teaches Kids

As the summer wanes on and whines of boredom waft through houses everywhere, you may find yourself feeling more like an overwhelmed cruise director than a vacationing summertime “cool” mom. Excitement for limitless summer adventures eventually gives way to the summer slump of “what should we do now?” and “how did we forget summer is […]

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From Co-Sleeping to the Big Boy Bed

I never expected to be a co-sleeping family. Really. I remember seeing some article about it in the pre-kids era, and thinking…. “weird.” I had every expectation of lowering my angel carefully into his comfy–but not too comfy because sleep safety and all–crib, playing some gentle music, hitting the lights, and enjoying my evening of […]

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I Don’t Like Babies

I don’t like babies. There. I said it. Grab your pitchforks and light the torches. Pelt me with adorable, tiny bows and little shoes and run over me with your trendy, overpriced strollers. Ban me from your playgroups and revoke my “Best Mom Ever” coffee mug. I don’t care. Because I don’t like babies. Or […]

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Why Mama Wears Lipstick

Since becoming a mom, there are a lot things that I do for other people. There are a lot of times when I try to make sure others’ needs are met first. There are a lot of times when, frankly, I don’t even remember what I want anymore because my mind is so full of […]

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For this child i prayed

For This Child I Prayed

Today you drew me a picture, all scribbles and smudges. And I cried. I cried because, as your tiny fingers shoved this unrecognizable creation into my hands with a “dis one for you, mama,” I remembered a time when I wondered if little hands would ever draw humble masterpieces just for me. I remembered a […]

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We Didn’t Go to the Park Today

We didn’t go to the park today. Because it was hot. Or it was cold. Or because every time you were awake and ready, your brother was asleep. Or because I couldn’t figure out how to push you in the swing or drag you away from the playground when it was time to leave while […]

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