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We Didn’t Go to the Park Today

We didn’t go to the park today. Because it was hot. Or it was cold. Or because every time you were awake and ready, your brother was asleep. Or because I couldn’t figure out how to push you in the swing or drag you away from the playground when it was time to leave while […]

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My Life Is A Mess

My life is a mess. Not some philosophical, metaphorical mess. An actual mess. One where the counters are cluttered with dishes more often than not and I’ve stopped counting how many days it’s been since I bothered to mop up the toddler’s cereal sludge from under his chair. I woke up in a child’s pee […]

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Confessions of a Second Time Mom

We recently welcomed baby #2 to the family, and he’s been a wonderful addition, but it’s definitely been exhausting and challenging in a whole new way. We have a two-year-old who is rocking big brother status, and as I write this (with one hand while nursing a baby) little brother is two months old. Now […]

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A Love Letter to My Difficult Child

My dear difficult child, Though he hasn’t been with us long, it is pretty clear that your brother is the “easy” baby. To be honest, having little experience with babies before you, I didn’t really know you were a difficult child in the midst of your babyhood, but I see it now. I see it […]

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