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Terrible Two’s and Threenager Stage – The Fun Stops Here

Holy batman people…WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH MY CHILDREN?? I’ve officially entered the twilight zone that is the terrible two’s and the threenager stage. AT THE SAME TIME.  If you are unfamiliar with either of these stages, and perhaps aren’t blessed with getting to know them BOTH at the same time, it’s like a never-ending battle with […]

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Guide To Birthday Parties In and Around Northwest Arkansas

As moms, birthday parties can be stressful. To make things easier on us all, we have compiled a list of birthday party venues in Northwest Arkansas.  Princess Party Palace NWA – 925 N College Ave, Fayetteville – #479-799-6133 If your child loves all things princesses, this is your best bet! This venue is fully decorated as […]

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baby years

Closing the Book to the Baby Years

Last night we sold our baby furniture to make room for the “big kid” furniture. It was time to get rid of all the baby stuff since we no longer need it. We are done having kids. A young couple showed up to haul away the furniture that we once used to rock our babies to sleep, and […]

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How My Kids Ended Up in My Bed

I told myself I’d never let my children sleep in my bed. (I also told myself a lot of things during my pre-Mommy days). The things I swore I would never do quickly changed when my first child was born. When my (now) three year old entered the world, we told our friends we would never let our kids sleep […]

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