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He’s Not the Man I Married Anymore

My husband and I recently celebrated 15 years of marriage. I spent some time on our anniversary morning looking at our wedding photos. I found myself trying to remember what we were like at 18 and 19 years old, when we vowed to love and cherish each other for all the days of our life. […]

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I’ll Try Again Tomorrow

Do you ever have those days when everything just works out right? When you leave the house on time, the kids play together nicely all day, and you even get all the laundry folded and put away. You crawl into bed at the end of the day thinking, “man I am crushing this whole mom […]

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Vacation Without The Kids

As my husband and I approached our 15th wedding anniversary, we started thinking about how we had never really taken a vacation without our kids.  In the nine years we had been parents we had never left for more than a night or two, and hadn’t gone more than a few hundred miles away. The […]

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My Kid Isn’t an All-Star…and That’s Okay

I’m about four years in to my role as a “sports mom.”  My oldest son started playing t-ball when he was five.  We loved watching him try to catch the ball.  We laughed when our little player tried to hit the ball off the tee and missed by a mile.  It was the most adorable […]

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Pull Your Own Happiness Wagon

You just got a new haircut (outfit, promotion at work, etc.) and you proudly walk around the next day waiting for all the positive, praise-filled comments.  Then…they never come.  Your husband, family members, or co-workers don’t seem to notice your drastic change or accomplishment at all.  Cue the negative self-talk and second guessing.   It’s […]

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Amazeum Summer Camp

My 8-year-old son recently had the opportunity to attend the Scott Family Amazeum’s Spring Break camp. He absolutely loved it! The camp provided more than just the chance to play in the awesome space that is the Amazeum. The children were encouraged to be creative, inventive, and to make new discoveries.   During his week […]

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